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1. What is Potomac Tech Wire?

Potomac Tech Wire is a free daily e-mail newsletter that summarizes the business of technology in the Washington, DC area. Every business day, readers rely on us for a quick, objective briefing of the area's top tech-related stories. It is widely considered a
"must read" publication in the DC area technology community.

2. Who reads Potomac Tech Wire?

  " ...there are still some good central resources and places for you to meet potential employers...To find out about them...sign up to receive e-mail bulletins from Potomac Tech Wire."  

The Washington Post

  14,000 opt-in subscribers daily
6,000+ weekly Job and Event newsletter subscribers
Approximately 6,000 web visitors per month

  85% of Potomac Tech Wire's readers live in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Employment Level of Readers:

35% executives
25% entrepreneurs
20% mid-levels/associates
10% students/entry-level
10% technical staff



50% high technology/internet firms
20% service providers (lawyers, accountants, consultants)
10% venture capitalists, investment bankers/ managers
5% public relations/journalists
5% marketing/advertising
5% government/other

3. How can I advertise on Potomac Tech Wire?

Potomac Tech Wire offers two types of advertising: Classified Advertising or Prime Placement Advertising.

Classified Advertising lists the ad's title at the top of the newsletter, in the Classifieds Headlines. The complete ad appears following the top stories and Briefly Noted section. Click here for sample ad.

Prime Placement Advertising features a listing of the ad in the masthead, in the news headlines, an optional graphical tower ad in the upper right hand corner, in the middle of the newsletter, and in the classifieds section. Click here for a sample prime placement ad.

You may place an ad by filling out an online form. Click for the online form for a prime placement ad, job ad, event ad, office space ad, or services ad.

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4. What are the advertising rates?

Classified Advertising Rates

3 consecutive days
5 consecutive days
10 consecutive days
Job, Office Space, or Services Ad
$120 ($40/day)
$175 ($35/day)
$300 ($30/day)
Event Ad
$225 ($75/day)
$325 ($65/day)
$550 ($55/day)

Prime Placement Advertising Rates

Job, Office Space,
Services, or Event Ad
1 prime placement
(includes 3-day classified)
$ 675
2 prime placements
(includes 5-day classified)

$ 1250

3 prime placements
(includes 10-day classified)

$ 1800

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5. How will my ad appear?

I. Classified Advertising

Each listing consists of four parts:

  1. A one-line header with ad title, company name and location
  2. A five-line description
  3. An email/phone contact for job candidates (one line)
  4. An optional url  (often used to provide more information on listing)

In addition to the full listing that runs at the end of the email, the title is listed at the top of the email just below the day's headlines.

A maximum of 70 characters fits on each line.

A Classified Ad.

How your classified ad will appear.
(Click image to enlarge.)


II. Prime Placement Advertising

The ad receives the following placements in Potomac Tech Wire:

  1. Newsletter sponsorship recognition and link directly below masthead
  2. Graphical tower ad in upper right hand corner
  3. Headline in main table of contents
  4. Ad placement directly in the middle of the newsletter between the top stories and Briefly Noted
  5. A placement in the Classified section

A Prime Placement Ad.

How your premiere ad will appear.
(Click image to enlarge.)

Place a job ad, event ad, office space ad, or services ad. Place a Prime Placement ad. Or for more information, e-mail Paul Sherman or call 301-656-0057.

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