Post Your Prime Placement Ad on Potomac Tech Wire

To place a prime placement advertisement on Potomac Tech Wire, please fill out the form below. Some helpful information about the Prime Placement Ad Package is listed below.

Questions? Email: or call 301-656-0057 (We’re here to help and can walk you through the entire process. We can also help craft your text ad and graphic.)

The Prime Placement Ad Package receives all of the following attributes on the newsletter:

–Graphical tower ad (billboard banner size of 970 x 250) at the very top of the newsletter
–Newsletter sponsorship recognition and link directly below masthead (extremely high profile)
–Headline in the main headline list at the top of the newsletter (also extremely high profile)
–Text ad placement in the middle of the newsletter just above the “Briefly Noted” section
–Ad title linked to your URL in classified ad list under the headlines
–Classified ad placement in text
–Second graphical tower ad (billboard banner size of 970 x 250) at the bottom of the newsletter

See sample newsletter showing the location of all the placements in the Prime Placement Ad Package by clicking here

Only one Prime Placement Ad Package is available on the newsletter each day. The Prime Placement advertiser on that day dominates the attention of our readership with seven separate placements — many of them in the most visible area of the newsletter. It is priced per day. We will be in contact with you about obtaining the graphics for the ad.

We will also work with you to schedule the dates for the prime placement to run.

Requirements for billboard graphic:

–Size: 970 x 250 (normal billboard size banner)
–Graphic formats: PNG (preferred), JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF
–We will be in contact with you to obtain the billboard graphic (no need to submit now)
–We can help design the graphical tower ad if you need us to. 

Recent companies that have advertised on Potomac Tech Wire include Amazon Web Services (AWS), The Kennedy Center, The New York Times, Software AG, CoreSite, DataTribe, Fairfax County, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, along with many growing and emerging companies.

Readership: More than 35% of our readers are among the most senior level executives within their companies.

The cost per day of the Prime Placement Ad Package is:

–1 day: $450
–2 days: $800
–3 days: $1,125

Billing: Once you submit the information below, we will email you an invoice with with payment information.

The newsletter is published Monday-Thursday, except for holidays.

Maximum 75 characters. Example: Data Center and Cyber Consulting
Maximum 1,000 characters. Often shorter is better! Feel free to put more characters and we can help condense it.
We will email you the invoice and credit card payment information.
We will email you the invoice and credit card payment information.
Thank you for submitting! We will be in touch with you for the graphic tower.